How to accept personal responsibility and define reality

Want to know what happened to me when I started to take responsibility for my life?

When I realized that my situation and circumstances was the result of decisions I’ve made. I decided to begin the process of changing – mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally, and financially – by changing the way I think.

It was hard because that meant I had to stop lying to myself.

It meant I had to start accepting responsibility for my past.

It meant I could no longer blame my education or lack there of for my success. It also meant I had to stop blaming the “white man” whenever I was frustrated and irritated about my lack of success.

I’ve learned to accept challenges as gifts, and as opportunities to learn.

When faced with adversity, I no longer see them as problems to deal with, but a choice to make. I aim to always make the right choices. I’ve learned to view adversity as preparation for greatness, and I accept the preparation.

I control my thoughts.

I control my emotions.

I am responsible for my success.

The good news is you have the power to change your situation and circumstances too.

The first step is to define your reality. Are you where you want to be in your life?

When I got to the point of my life where I had to stop lying to myself. The stories I told myself about why I couldn’t be a better husband, a better MAN, business owner and finaces had to change.

That only happened after I stopped lying to myself and being honest with myself.

I did that by asking myself the hard questions. And writing down my answers.

That’s my challenge to you this week.

Ask yourself the hard questions.

Where are you?
What needs to change in your relationships?
What needs to change in your spiritual life?
What needs to change in your health & fitness?
What needs to change in your finances?

Take some time to think it through and write it down. I hope it makes a significant impact in your life like it did mine.

Than you can focus on working on a strategic plan to help you improve each of those areas.

Change won’t happen overnight, but it will happen over time.

The only way my situation and circumstances changed was when I changed.

I promised myself I’d never accept less than I deserve and you shouldn’t either.

I have way too much potential to be less than excellence, and you do too…..

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