Belinda Sterile -

Amazing fitness coach. Really cares about you as an individual and your goals. He helped me change the way I thought about fitness and nutrition. My new motto is “a healthy mind will give you a healthy body.” With his coaching everything is falling into place as I envision for myself. I needed that push. Thank you, Mike!


Nick Salce -

I’ve worked with a handful of trainer over the past few years. Mike is hands down the best. He listened to my goals, my likes, and dislikes and customizes workouts that i enjoy. I had numerous joint and muscle injuries from various hobbies and anytime i come in with an issue he creates exercises that work around the injury and actually helps it to heal. In the past couple months i’ve traded about 10lbs of fat for muscle and for the first time i enjoy the workouts on a consistent basis.


Alexis Stephens -

Mike is an excellent, dedicated and extremely knowledgeable trainer. He tailors each workout to the client and gives proper modifications when needed which I appreciate as a newly post-partum mom. If you are looking to work hard and push yourself past previous limits look no further Mike will whip you into shape.


Nick Schroeder -

I’ve training with Mike for four years now, and he’s the best. Every time he pushes me to do more weight, more reps, and he’s not afraid to mix things up to keep me on my toes. Every time I leave a training session I’m wrecked (in a good way). Great trainer, good guy and friend. Highly recommend to anyone serious about getting/staying in shape.


Ken Paul -

I’ve had several trainers before Mike, and this is the first trainer that has actually made me enjoy working out. Most importantly, makes me not mind waking up 5 in the morning to go work out. I look forward to it, because not only is he good at what he does, he has great positive energy. He’s extremely knowledgeable and has never made me feel that I’m wasting my time. The first month, I saw immediate changes in my body. He listened to what my goals were and what areas I wanted to focus on and improve and has followed through with it in our trainings so far. My former trainer before him did what he wanted to do despite the goals I shared and that was disappointing. So it was important to me and pretty much a deal breaker for me to see if Mike would listen and work on what I initially expressed and he exceeds my expectations in each workout so far. I also love his trainerize app that has videos of the workouts we do in each training and logs how many sets and reps for each workout I’ve done. If he’s ever on vacation I’m not left hanging. I have a guide to follow when having to workout solo. I’ve never had that luxury with other trainers and have felt neglected, which was discouraging and I’d eventually quit. Lastly, I appreciate the meal plan he created for me that breaks down macronutrients (something I never knew about or had before with other trainers) and this allows me to follow a list of foods that are protein, carbs and fat based. This allows me to eat the correct amount of calories daily based on my goals that I login my fitness pal. So there’s no way I’ll gain unnecessary weight by following my macros. He’s realistic when it comes to having “cheat days” and feels that they are necessary to have. Me being a “foodie” appreciates that, lol. Mike has the juice and I’m more than satisfied with him.


Katherine Marrero -

I started with Mike (M.R.FITNESS) in March of this year. I’ve been losing an average of 7lbs a month. As with every new challenge I was skeptical because of course I am overweight, but he makes you feel comfortable in the gym! I love his motivation to get me fit! He is very positive and helps you get through your workout even when you “don’t feel like it”. He holds me accountable for all of my goals, he has his own app which keeps track of workouts & you can also track food. He will make you send him screenshots of food being consumed(you’ll learn to love that). There’s honestly nothing bad I can say about Mike’s training program, I’m motivated and more disciplined than ever.


Branden Schwartz -

I would tell others that investing in your health is one of the most important [If not the most important] investments you can make. For me, a primary motivator is the aesthetic outcome of ‘looking better naked’ but the way I feel (physically and mentally) after following the program for just a couple of months is night and day from before. Michael is very easy to talk to, down to earth, and adaptable to meet your needs, but he is also going to push you to do uncomfortable things to ensure you hit your goals and become a better version of yourself.


Ashley Argo -

I have trained with Mike for almost 2 years and since day 1 I have been so grateful for his knowledge, commitment to his clients, and sincere dedication to fitness and health. Through training with him I learned how to maintain a flexible, healthy lifestyle and fulfilled my personal goal to compete in women’s fitness. If you want a trainer who makes your personal goals his number one priority, genuinely cares about you as a person and athlete, give Mike a call ASAP. Whether you’re brand new to personal training or a seasoned athlete, Mike will create a workout regimen just right for you. Call him! You won’t be sorry!