Personal Coaching With Mike Rosidor

To get in the best shape of your life you need to be consistent.
To be consistent you’ll need my help.

Lose weight, build strength, and have more energy.

You tell me about your goals. I’ll help you get there. You’ll be in the best mental and physical shape you ever thought possible.

I’ll help you stay accountable

I’ll provide you with guidance, support, and accountability throughout. No matter what life throws at you, I’ll be there to guide you.

Busy? Let me do the research

With so many conflicting opinions on fitness information, I provide you with only researched and proven nutrition and exercise solutions.

Proven coaching method

I use the Precision Nutrition coaching method, developed by the World’s Top Nutrition researchers and used by champion athletes to achieve lasting change.

We’ll make living healthy a habit

Most people failed in achieving their fitness goals due to burnout. I’ll help you focus on the small habits that lead to big results.


“I know what to do... But I can’t seem to stay consistent.”

Staying motivated is hard- especially if you’re doing it on your own. I’ll help you stay focused on using my easy-to-follow routines.